Goal for this step:

Solve the Rubik’s cube!

f1Wow. Just a few days ago, who would have thought you would have solved a Rubik’s cube. And here you are on the last step. I’m sure you’re probably looking forward to the most difficult move yet as the grand finale. Sorry to disappoint. The last move is actually really easy.

Memorize This!

  • Flip, Clock 1, Clock 2, Clock 3
  • Counter 1, Counter 2, Counter 3, Counter 4, Counter 5
  • Clock, Counter

So, I bet you could have this memorized in a few seconds. You just have to remember that it starts with a flip, has 3 clocks, 5 counters, and then ends with a simple “clock”, “counter.” Easy!

Why are they numbered?

The reason they’re numbered is so you don’t lose track of which one you are on. As you do the move you will actually say “Clock 1”, “Clock 2”… and so on. It will help you keep track of where you are. The last two moves “Clock, Counter”, you may not even have to memorize. At that point you can actually look at the cube and figure out that a clock and a counter are needed. Have fun memorizing! Don’t move ahead until you know it really well.


Movement Pattern – Right, Top, Right…

Our movement pattern is one we have done before. It is Right, Top, Right Top… easy.



Here is a summary of all the entire last step for solving a Rubik’s cube. If you keep repeating these two bullets, eventually the cube will be solved.

  • Move the most completed side to the back.
  • Main Moves – Flip, Clock 1, Clock 2, Clock 3, Counter 1, Counter 2, Counter 3, Counter 4, Counter 5, Clock, Counter



Possible Outcomes:


ALL DONE! Did this website help at all?

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3 Minute Challenge!


Can you solve in 3 minutes? If you can, you’re pretty awesome! Post your best times below! And did I mention you can donate here!

20 thoughts on “Step 8 – Final Move “Finish Him!”

  1. I did it after much frustration and practice. By the way I have never picked up a Rubiks Cube until I received one for Xmas 2019. I am 87 years old. Your site is awesome. Thank you.


  2. This was by far the most helpful site I’ve ever visited. I had no clue how to solve a cube two weeks ago, but thanks to this site, I can now do it in under 5 minutes (which is my personal goal). Thank you!


  3. I did it! thank you – Im still learning the last two moves by heart. Your method has helped me during this isolation. Keep well and thank you again. Linda from England xx


  4. Awesome site. I started with the Wired YouTube video and kept getting lost. You broke it down in an easy to remember way. Funny and educational. I have now taught two other people using your dogs, abcs, and furry cross. Now I’m trying to learn to speed-cube. Thank you for helping me accomplish a childhood dream and start me in a new and exciting hobby


  5. Hello! Thanks a lot for the interesting and easy-to-remember steps. I find it most absorbing and keep trying. I’m hoping to finally be able to solve the cube 🙂 Also, I’m trying to teach this to my 8 year old son, who is most fascinated by the farmer and the dog step!!

    I’m in the last step, and trying to solve the top 2 yellow edges, but how many ever times I repeat the sequence mentioned in the final step, 2 edges seems to keep switching positions and never get into places matching same colour. I seriously doubt if the cube I have could be flawed 😐 Anyone come across this before, can you please advice?

    It is indeed quite some fun trying to solve this.. Thank very much!!!


    1. Indeed, the cube I was trying with was flawed, some center pieces seemed to have swapped!! Got a new cube, and it was ok, I could follow your steps and able to solve it 🙂 Really enjoyed the exercise, and keep doing it from time to time.

      Thanks again Sir!


  6. I had one of these as a child, never got anywhere. Finally grew up, had kids of my own and bought one for my eldest who turned 12 this year.

    We just couldn’t solve the top layer after the yellow cross…..despite hours of youtube video watching, but then found this website.

    What awesome and fun but perfectly detailed explanations!
    Thank you. Rubik’s cube finally conquered!! 😁


  7. The best tutorial that worked for me. And like others have said, the best part is the way you’ve made it more fun with roads, medians, farmers, dogs, etc. Very useful in helping my 6yo daughter learn the first 3 steps.

    Would be great if there was a story for the last two steps too. 🙂


  8. Hello, I am on the last step but every time I do it, the cube gets messed up even worse. I have had to restart from all the way to the daisy step. I need help please on solving the cube.


  9. I really liked this website. I really wanted to solve a rubix cube from when I scrambled it. My mother and father told to watch videos, but I thought best would be reading. I’m eight years old by the way.


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