Goal for this step:

Create a yellow plus sign on the yellow side!

Cube with yellow plus on top. Next to it a yellow plus with fur. The Furry Yellow Plus. F.U.R. - U.R.F.



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What’s with the fur on the yellow plus?

So our next step is making a yellow plus. But in the image above, the yellow plus is covered with fur? Why??? To get into your head that fur and the yellow plus go together. When you think of the yellow plus, think of fur.

We will need to remember these letters: F.U.R. — U. R. F.

Close your eyes and try to recite all six letters in a row. Say out loud, “F”, “U”, “R”  then pause and continue with “U”, “R”, “F”.

When you can say those six letters without looking, then continue to the next part.

FUR is clockwise… URF is counter clockwise

The three letters F.U.R. represent clockwise moves. The letters U.R.F. represent counter clockwise moves. The six move are actually pretty easy once you do them a few times. They actually stand for Front, Up, Right, Up, Right, Front. When you are making the moves you should actually say out loud: “F”, “U”, “R” …. “U”, “R”, “F”.

F.U.R. (Clockwise), U.R.F. (Counter Clockwise)

Look at the image below. It shows you what FUR- URF actually stand for. These are the moves you will be making.

F=front. U=Up(aka top) R=Right. F.U.R. is clockwise. U.R.F. is counter clockwise


Reposition the cube so that the yellow side is facing up.

On the previous step the side is facing up with most sides complete. Now, reposition the cube so yellow side is up. The middle yellow piece will be pointing toward ceiling.


Go through the six moves:

  1. Front side clockwise
  2. Up side (top) clockwise
  3. Right side clockwise
  4. Up side (top) counter clockwise
  5. Right side  counter clockwise
  6. Front side counter clockwise

F - Front turns clockwise. U-Up turns clockwise(up is also known as top) R-Right side turns clockwise. Keep it going. Just remember that the next 3 moves are counter clockwise. U-Up turns counter clockwise. R-Right side turns counter clockwise. F-Front turns counter clockwise

What pattern do you see?

Okay, so you did the FUR – URF moves. Great! Now what? Well, take a look at the top of your cube. You will see one of the four patterns below. If at first you don’ t see a pattern, look again, it might be hard to see at first since random yellow pieces are there too. Trust me: one of the four patterns below are on the top of your cube.

When you see certain patterns you just have to turn the top of your cube so the pattern is oriented to match the corresponding image below.

Instructions for each outcome (top view showing grayed out cube with yellow variations). If you see these variations reposition them to match this orientation and then do the FUR-URF again. The boomerang. 3 cubes making a backwards L shape. the middle piece is yellow, plus the one above and left. The Line. A horizontal line running through center. The dot. Just the middle square is yellow. Or... The yellow plus. Makes a yellow plus shape. Do nothing. you're done!

(Note: If you ever see white on the top of your cube… you did the move incorrectly. If that happens, don’t panic. Just try to fix your whites and then solve whatever step you seem to be on.)

So you may end up doing the FUR – URF move a few times before it finally becomes the yellow plus. Remember, when you find certain patterns they may not be pointing the correct direction. The example below shows a boomerang, but it is pointing the wrong direction. (Having trouble memorizing all these steps for the cube? Check out my cheat sheet.) 


We did the FUR-URF, and go these results. Do you see one of the four patterns? Look closely. Notice the boomerang hidden in the pattern? We must turn the top layer so that the boomerang points up and left. Then we would do the FUR-URF move again and look for the next result.

Repeat until you get yellow plus

Just keep doing the FUR – URF move. You might find the line… make sure its’ horizontal. Then do the FUR – URF again… then maybe you find the boomerang… make sure its pointing up and to the left… then finally you might find the yellow plus! Then you’re done! Note: Sometimes the yellow plus appears on the first try! Lucky!

Examples of correct yellow plus. Even when yellow sometimes make the yellow plus larger, it is still valid as long as yellow plus squares are present.

You are so close to solving the cube! Did this page help?

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Take the 5 minute challenge!

5 minute timer made from cubes

Now scramble your cube! See if you can go through all the previous steps and get to the yellow plus. If you can do it around five minutes, then you are ready for the next step!

“I have scrambled the cube and have solved to the yellow plus in around 5 minutes. Ready for the next step!”


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