So You Want To Solve A Rubik’s Cube… 

You’re in luck! Somehow you’ve stumbled upon the easiest method to solve a cube. Before we begin, you should make sure you’re in the right place.

  • This method will NOT make you a speed-solver. (Fastest time with my method is probably about 2 minutes… which is considered really slow in the cubing world)
  • This method will NOT be using complex algorithms.
  • This method will NOT make you look cool. (Okay, it actually might)


Cube flying through the air.

 Just tell me how to solve already!!!

So last year, my eight-year-old son handed me a cube and told me to solve it. Of course, I had no clue. Rubik’s cubes are impossible. I went to Youtube and looked at a lot of tutorials. The people on the videos went on and on about just how awesome they were, whipped through a solve, and I still didn’t know what they were doing. I kept shouting, “Just tell me how to solve already!!!”

Finally, I found some videos that were a little slower but… they were still full of complex algorithms.

  •  Fun Fact: Cubers will always say that they use “complex algorithms” to solve a Rubik’s cube. (Makes them sound smart).
  •  Advice:  After you start showing off your skills using my easy method, people will ask you how you do it. Just tell them you use “complex algorithms.” (They’ll have no clue how easy it is… unless you tell them.)

So… I went through the process… kept pausing the video, trying to figure out what was really going on. Finally, I understood what they were trying to say. Once this happened, I wondered why they didn’t explain it simpler. They were making me memorize algorithms that weren’t necessary and steps that I didn’t need. I just wanted to solve it! So… I came up with my own modifications, taught them to my 8 year-old, and he learned quick!

Cube Crossing Sign next to some cubes crossing a road. You're about to learn to solve a Rubik's cube. Last chance to turn around!

Tell me like I’m an 8-year-old

My steps go very-very slow. I am going to teach as if you are an 8-year-old. It is slow, but you’ll get the cube solved without having to memorize unnecessary junk. You may have to memorize something… but its the minimum–No fancy frills–just solving. My son is 8. This is how he learned. It’s easy. If he can learn this, you can too.

Cube with graduation cap.


The Basics

Know What Side You Are On

Look at your cube. Pick a side and then look in the dead center. What color is the middle piece? If the middle piece is red then you are looking at the “red side.” If the center piece was white, you would be on the “white side”. Easy.


Every Side Has A Permanent Opposite Side

Find the red side (that would be the side that has red in the center.) Then look at the opposite side of the cube. What color is in the middle piece on that side? If you said, “orange” you are correct! After a few minutes of looking at different sides, you might notice that you can guess what color is on the other side without even looking. (but you can look if you want.)Red on Right side, Blue on adjacent side, White on top.

The Red side is opposite of the Orange side.

(Hot Colors are opposites, that’s awesome!)

The Blue side is opposite of the Green side.

(Cold Colors are opposites, that’s great!)

The White side is opposite of the Yellow side.

(Daisy Colors are opposites… that’s… girly)

Top of cube has 
a middle color of white, opposite side (the bottom) has a middle color that is yellow. Front-left of cube had a middle color of red. Opposite side has a color of orange. Front right has the middle color of blue. Opposite side has a middle color of green.

Middle pieces don’t move! And That’s a good thing!

Believe it or not, the middle pieces don’t move. Go ahead, mix it all up. It won’t matter. Blue will still be opposite of green, red will be the opposite of orange, and white will be the opposite of yellow. This makes things a lot easier. If you are looking at the blue side, you can know what the other side is without even looking. There is a 100% chance that the opposite side of the cube is green. Can you solve without knowing this color rule? Yes. But, I think you’ll still find it helpful.


Get A Cube!

Some have wondered what cube I use. Happy to help. I’m use the Classic Rubik’s Cube   …If that is too old-school, here is the AP-enabled cube, which is pretty cool looking.


Solve the Cube in Eight Simple Steps

I am going to break this down into eight steps. Don’t Rush! Remember, this isn’t for speed, but ease. If you follow the steps, you WILL solve a Rubik’s cube. (Then you can scratch it off your bucket list and move on to skydiving.)

Step 1) The Daisy

Step 2) The White Plus

Step 3) Find the Lost Dogs

Step 4) ABC’s!!!

Step 5) The Furry Yellow Plus

Step 6) The Yellow Fish

Step 7) Thumbs Up For Final Corners

Step 8) Final Move! Finish Him!


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15 thoughts on “Easiest Way to Solve a Rubik’s Cube

  1. Perry,
    I really enjoy your website. I was 12 years old during Rubik’s Mania in the early 80’s. Sadly, I could only solve one side. I recently solved the cube using algorithms. That’s fine but it didn’t teach me anything. Using your website I can actually learn WHY I must do certain things and how to work around problems I encounter. I also hope to improve my time. My current record is 28 hours. I bet I can beat that. 😀

    Thanks so much,
    Pensacola, FL

  2. Perry,
    I really enjoy your site. I was 12 years old during Cube Mania in the early 80’s. Sadly, I could only solve one side. Recently I used algorithms to solve the whole puzzle. That’s fine but it didn’t teach me anything. On your site I am learning WHY I need to make certain moves and how to work around problems. My record time is 28 hours. Hopefully I can beat that soon. 😀

    Thanks so much,
    Pensacola, FL

  3. I really enjoyed this website! Thanks to the steps on this website, I can now solve the cube in under 5 minutes. Huge thanks for the help!

  4. Thanks for easy solution. I have come across cube position that after performing step 4, most of the time I get result of Step 4 & 5

  5. this is very useful. I would 100% recommend my friends this. thanks for the marvellous info on solving the cube. and because of this, I solved the cube 3 times already.

  6. Hi! Thank you very much for this page! My 6 year old kid (and I) is learning now the last step thanks to your page so big thanks!! We find ourselves many times following to the letter your step 5 (yellow plus) and after doing it at least 7 times and identifying the possible outcomes, we are not able to do the plus. Can you let us know why?

    1. John,
      Looping on Step 5? If your cube isn’t broken… than check the sides. Make sure step 4 is really done. If it is, jump ahead and do the moves for step 6. Then go back to step 5. It might fix it. (i’ve never had it legitimately loop though). If you think it’s a twisted corner, you can find videos to adjust that.

  7. Hi,
    Always wanted to solve this and now doing that under 4 minutes every day and all due to your videos. Big thanks for that.
    Any chance you do the same work for 4×4? Although so many videos are there but again everyone talks about algorithms and no telling easy way out.
    Got your cheat sheet as well.
    Looking forward for a reply.

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