Goal for this step:

Make the final corners on each side match colors!

Completed cube except for one square on each side. Next to it a top view of a thumb on the top of a cube with an arrow going around the thumb.


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A stop sign with 'cube crossing' attached. You shall not pass! Before moving forward, solve the cube again. Make sure you are solving in under 5 minutes before learning the next step. Keep practicing!

Memorize This

Okay, so assuming you are an expert on the stuff you’ve learned so far, we will continue. To solve the corners, you first need to memorize these 9 moves below. Don’t continue until you can recite them in a dark room while jumping on your bed. (be careful)

  • Counter, Clock, Counter, Flip, Clock
  • Counter, Counter, Flip, Flip

Counter, Clock, Counter, Flip, Clock... Counter, Counter, Flip, Flip

Movement Pattern

As with some other steps, this one has a pattern too. The pattern is pretty simple.

  • Right, Front, Right, Back

Imagine it goes on forever: Right, Front, Right, Back,  –  Right, Front, Right, Back,  –  Right, Front, Right, Back,  –  Right, Front, Right, Back,  –  Right, Front, Right, Back,  –  Right, Front, Right, Back…

You don’t really need to memorize those words, but to get a feel for the movement, place your left thumb on the cube as shown below. Your left thumb will never move. It will stay there during the  main moves. As a practice, use your right index finger to trace the pattern around the thumb. As always, where do we start a pattern???? We start on the right. Then, it goes down around the thumb. Then hits a dead-end and goes all the way around. And then keeps going forever.

Place left thumb on top of yellow completed side. Thumb should be coming in from left side and coving up two yellow squares, the left square and the middle square. The empty area that you are not covering has an imaginary arrow going back and forth around the thumb. Movement Patter always starts with Right. It goes Right Front Right Back.

Let’s Begin!

Check for matching corners

Look on all the sides of your cube. Any matching corners? If you find a match, turn the top of the cube until the matching colors end up on the correct side. After that, look for the side that is the most complete for solving the Rubik’s cube. Position the cube so that the most complete side of the cube is facing towards the back.

If you can’t find any matching sides, that’s okay. You can proceed to the main moves.

Check all 4 sides. Are there any matching corners on any side? Yes. Green corners match on one side. Move that layer to the green side. The green side is nearly complete. We must move the most completed side to the back. In this case, we move the green side to the back. No need to change the cube, we just turn the cube so the green side is facing towards the back. Now, you're ready for the main moves!

Do the Main Moves

Counter, Clock, Counter, Flip, Clock — Counter, Counter, Flip, Flip

Using what we’ve learned, we will combine the 9 moves we memorized, and the pattern.

(Having trouble memorizing all these steps for the cube? Check out my cheat sheet.) 

Use your left thumb placed on left side of yellow side to remind yourself of which pieces don't move. Your right hand will be making the moves. Counter-Left thumb doesn't move. Use your right hand to turn the right side counter clockwise. Turn the front side clockwise. Same for right side. Flip the back side. right goes clockwise. front goes counter clockwise. right goes counter clockwise. Flip the backside. Flip the right side.

Check for matching corners

Check all 4 sides Are there any matching corners on any side? Yes red matches! Move them to the red side. Possible Outcomes: All corners match. Done! or Some corners till don't match. Start over. Put the most completed side towards back again. Do the main moves again.

You are only 1 step away from solving! Did this page help?

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Dress like a cube-solver!

Get A Cube.

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Your 5 minute challenge!

You only have one more step left! Make sure you can solve the cube in under 5 minutes before taking on the final move.

Five minute timer made up of cubes.

“I can’t believe I’m ready for the final step. Let’s do it!”

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7 thoughts on “Step 7 – Thumbs Up For Final Corners

  1. What is flip I’ve done algorithms from other sites but this one looks easiest if I can tell what flip is

    1. Nick, it might help to refer to the images for “Flip”. But, It is simply taking a specific side of the cube and doing a 180. Bottom becomes top, Top becomes bottom. (just like on the Daisy step)

  2. This step doesn’t work! I’ve done it so many time to make sure im following the instructions correctly but it keeps messing up all the faces! What’s going wrong?

    1. The step works! Just make sure when you are doing the back side you turn it twice so it is a real flip. Otherwise it wont work. I didn’t actually flip it a couple of times and thought the same thing. I am grateful for these easy and straightforward directions!

  3. I’ve had trouble remembering the nine moves for this stage, so I’ve been working on a mnemonic using the first letters of each move. This is what I’ve come up with so far — feel free to improve upon it:

    “COunty CLerks COst Forty CLams — COuncillors COst Fifty-Five”
    (COunter, CLock, COunter, Flip, CLock — COunter, COunter, Flip, Flip)

    1. That’s interesting. If that works for you, than that’s great! For me, I have found the easiest way it to say it with a cadence or rhythm. Emphasize the word “clock”. and say each matching word with the same emphasis.
      “Counter CLOCK”…
      “Counter (FLIP) CLOCK”

      then I like to say this last part casual:
      …….counter counter flip flip

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