Goal for this step:

Completely solve the yellow side!

Okay, so you are really close to solving the entire cube! Good news is that all the hard stuff is over with. If you made it this far, the rest will be a breeze.

Cube with all yellow top and most of sides completed. Fish above the words, clock, clock, counter, clock, clock, flip, counter.


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When I do this move, I say the words “clock” out loud to mean “clockwise” and I say the word “counter” out loud to mean “counterclockwise.

Clock = clockwise. Counter = counter clockwise

Memorize This!

This next move you get to memorize more stuff! Yeah, fun!

  • Clock, Clock, Counter
  • Clock, Clock, FLIP, Counter.

Just seven moves. Seven words to memorize. Can you memorize them? Notice that 3 words are almost the same as the last three words, except for the word “FLIP” in there. That might help you remember it. Close your eyes and try to repeat: “Clock, Clock, Counter” “Clock, Clock, FLIP, Counter”.

Clock, Clock, Counter, Clock, Clock, Flip, Counter

When you have it memorized really well, then proceed. Don’t proceed unless you can say the seven words out loud with your eyes closed while spinning in a circle. (Having trouble memorizing all these steps for the cube? Check out my cheat sheet.) 

Alternate: Right, Top, Right, Top, Right… (forever!)

Okay, you have the steps memorized. Now what do we do with it? We are going to focus on the right of the cube and the top of the cube. Put your hand on the right. Now put your hand on the top. Now put your hand on the right. Now put your hand on the right. Are you feeling a pattern emerging here? That is all you have to worry about. Our main moves will alternate from right to top to right–over and over again. Just remember that we start with the right side. Can you remember that?

Arrow pointing to right side of cube. Arrow pointing to top side of cube. It repeats the pattern until fading out. Always start patterns with the right side. Alternate right and top over and over again. Imagine that the pattern goes forever.


Let’s Begin!

Okay, let’s put what we’ve learned together. you are going to start on the right side of the cube. Your pattern is right, top, right, top. It goes forever, remember? Now we apply our Clock, Clock, Counter, Clock, Clock, FLIP, counter.

Note: If it helps, don’t look at the cube when making the moves. Say out loud, “Clock, Clock, Countner, Clock, Clock, Flip, Counter”

Cube with yellow plus on top. Remember, we're going to alternate right and top over and over again. Always start the pattern with the right side. Turn the right side clockwise one time. Turn the top side clockwise one time. Turn the right side counter clockwise one time. Turn the the top side clockwise one time. Turn the right side clockwise one time. Turn the top side twice. In other words, turn it in a complete 180. In other words, make it face the opposite direction. Turn the right side counter clockwise one time. Now refer to the 'possible outcomes' chart for more instructions.

Possible Outcomes

The below shows the possible patterns you will see after you do your seven main moves. When you see a pattern, rotate the top of your cube so that it looks like the images below. After it is adjusted correctly, then do the main moves again. You keep doing the main moves until you end up with the yellow side completely covered. Then you’re done!


As explained before, you must turn the top of the cube to match the position of the patterns on “possible outcomes” above. Here is an example:

Unnecessary Information:

A fish with some fish food next to the cube showing a fish shape and on the front of cube one yellow representing fish food. TIP: After you position the fish in the bottom left, check to see if it also has a piece of fish food. If you see the fish food, it's an indicator that means you are about to solve the yellow side completely!

NOTE: Some people will loop through all possible outcomes forever and never arrive at the all-yellow goal. This endless loop is called “The Infinite Yellow”.

THOR:  “If you have been cursed with The Infinite Yellow, it means that you are not worthy.”


If the top of your cube is completely yellow, then you’re done with this step! Or course, the two bottom row of colors on the sides should still be intact.

A cube with a completed yellow top and almost all sides completed.

Wow! So close to being done. Did this page help?

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Your 5 Minute Challenge!

A 5 minute timer made up of cubes.

Here we are again. Are you up to the challenge? Can you scramble your cube and solve to this point in under five minutes?

“I can solve in about five minutes and want to go to the next step.”

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11 thoughts on “Step 6 – The Yellow Fish

  1. You illustrate 4 possible outcomes of the
    R U R’ U R U2 R’ move
    There’s a 5th, I”ll call the two-headed fish. I haven’t determined the best way to orientate.
    Also… If you have the fish and he doesn’t have the “food” on the right, see if he has food on the left if he’s facing right… if so, do the mirror image of the moves:
    L’ U’ L U’ L’ U2 L

  2. I get to this point 16 times over and it keeps taking me all through the possible outcomes one by one over and over, never fully solving the yellow. Why ???

    1. Raquel, happy to help. When u get an outcome, make sure you view the outcomes at the bottom of the page. Orient your cube to match the orientation shown in the outcomes on the page. For instance, if u get the fish, make sure he is pointing bottom left. Then do the moves again. Hope that helps!

    2. The only site where the explanation is quite easy to grasp. I gave up on solving the cube a while ago. After stumbling across this site, i got pumped again to give it a try. After several tries, i was able to solve the cube. I really appreciate your info on how to solve the cube. Much thanks to you sir.
      There’s this one little variation which others have mentioned here, where we we end up cycling all the possible outcomes. No matter how many times we perform the moves. Can you please look into it? I have taken every step you’ve mentioned. Despite that i was unsuccessful in getting it right in this step. Hope you are able to get my doubt.

    3. Exact same thing happened to me until I realized that after looking at the “possible outcomes” and adjusting the top layer as described, I was then erroneously starting the next series of steps with the “front” face instead of the “right face”, which is NOT adjacent to the left side shown in the possible outcomes diagram. I.e., the face adjacent to the “left face” as shown in the possible outcomes is the “front face”, not the “right” face (where the next sequence of steps needs to start).

  3. Why not just move the cube in position in step 6 instead of moving the top (upper)? Wouldn’t it be easier and more logical?

    1. Tony,
      You are welcome to do it that way. That works too. I find that moving the top by flicking your finger is quicker than rotating the position of the entire cube. I think as you continue to practice, you’ll find moving the top to be the faster option. But, totally up to you.

  4. how to fix the curse of the infinite yellow: I too came across the curse of the infinite yellow then I realized what I was doing wrong: the front face is not always the one on the left (or the right) but it is the light gray one! that’s all!

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