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Step 8 – Final Move “Finish Him!”

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Goal for this step:

Solve the Rubik’s cube!

Wow. Just a few days ago, who would have thought you would have solved a Rubik’s cube. And here you are on the last step. I’m sure you’re probably looking forward to the most difficult move yet as the grand finale. Sorry to disappoint. The last move is actually really easy.

Memorize This!  

So, I bet you could have this memorized in a few seconds. You just have to remember that it starts with a flip, has 3 clocks, 5 counters, and then ends with a simple “clock”, “counter.” Easy! (Having trouble memorizing all these steps for the cube? Check out my cheat sheet.) 

Why are they numbered?

The reason they’re numbered is so you don’t lose track of which one you are on. As you do the move you will actually say “Clock 1”, “Clock 2”… and so on. It will help you keep track of where you are. The last two moves “Clock, Counter”, you may not even have to memorize. At that point you can actually look at the cube and figure out that a clock and a counter are needed. Have fun memorizing! Don’t move ahead until you know it really well.

Movement Pattern – Right, Top, Right…

Our movement pattern is one we have done before. It is Right, Top, Right Top… easy.


Here is a summary of all the entire last step for solving a Rubik’s cube. If you keep repeating these two bullets, eventually the cube will be solved.


Possible Outcomes:

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Get A Cube.

Some have wondered what cube I use. Happy to help. I’m use the Classic Rubik’s Cube   …If that is too old-school, here is the AP-enabled cube, which is pretty cool looking.   


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