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Step 2 – The White Plus

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Easiest Solve For a Rubik's Cube | Beginners Guide/Examples | STEP 2



Your Goal for Step 2:

Your goal is to make a white “plus sign” on the top of your cube. The tips of the plus sign will have two matching colors on every side of the cube.

Look at the top and front of the cube (of course, Daisy side is up)

On our last step we completed the daisy. Turn your cube so you are looking at just the TOP and FRONT only.


1 – Which color is the daisy’s petal touching?

Look at the daisy. Daisy is a flower, right? Well flowers have petals. Notice that one of the daisy’s flower petals are pointing at us. Look at the tip of the petal. Notice the color of the piece that the petal is touching.


In this image below, the petal is touching this green piece. So our petal tip is green!


2 – Find the Matching Side!

Since our petal tip is GREEN in this example, we need to search for the GREEN side. Let’s make our first move! Look at the front of your cube. It has 3 layers going up and down. Hold layer 1 still with your left hand. With your right hand, grab layers 2 and 3 and rotate them once to the right.

The front of our cube looks different now. Look at our center piece. What color is it? Is the center green? No. We try again.

Okay, now our front has changed again. What color is the center piece? Green! We found the match!


3 – Get Rid of the White Petal!

Now that we have the colors under that petal matching, it’s time to kill that petal!  Flip the green side in a complete 180. (just flip it upside down)


4 – Next Petal!

Let’s take a look at another petal. You’ll find one on another side. Choose another petal to work on and make sure it’s facing you.

Now simply repeat what we did before.


Do it to all the Petals!

Now we have two petals left. We repeat this process until all petals are gone!

Turn the Cube Over

Now that all of the petals are gone, we’re finished!  (Look on the other side of your cube.)

On the white side of your cube, you should see the white plus. You’re finished with this step if:

WARNING: Just because you see a white plus, doesn’t mean you did it correctly. Make sure that each tip of the white plus has two matching colors down each side.

Creating the “white plus”  is actually pretty easy once you do it a few times. Completely scramble the cube and create the white plus over and over again. Get really good at it.

Your 1 minute Challenge!

Don’t proceed until you can go from a completely scrambled cube to a finished “White Plus” in about 1 minute! Sound hard? Can you at least get close to a minute? Get out the timer. Lets see your skills!

Your Skill Ranking for “White Plus”:

Post below what your first few times are. Really curious how quickly your time will improve. After you get good, I’ll see you on the next step.

“I can solve the White Plus in about a minute and am ready for the next step.”


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